Maybe you would like to support our work but prefer not to commit to a long term sponsorship for a particular child or family ?

You can make a very valuable contribution by giving a one-time or recurring donations to help children who have not yet found a sponsor, or to help toward the cost of an urgent medical procedure or other urgent needs. Even the smallest contribution is truely helpful.

We do appreciate any amount that goes toward our "emergency piggy bank“, since if a donation is not earmarked for one special purpose by the contributor, we let our local project partner use the money wherever it is most urgently needed at the time. In this case, you will be receiving an offical written confirmation for the amount received with a report of what the money has been used for – in many cases accompanied by a photo. 

Here are some examples how your donation can help us to help others:

In order to continue sending every cent of the incoming sponsorship money for the families to Vietnam without any deductions, we are in need of sponsors for our homepage and for our banktransfer charges. 7 Euro is our monthly expense for our homepage and forum. 7,50 Euro is the monthly expense for our banktransfers.
In Vietnam your money buys things that can change a life - here are some examples:

30 Euro is the cost for a "household basket" a supply of household supplies for a very needy family

55 Euro buy a bike to go to school or to work

120 Euro make it possible for a child to stay in school for an entire year

We highly appreciate any contribution to our emergency fund.

Address to contact for questions regarding donations:

Thank you for your support !!!