The situation of the children and their families 

You may hear the news that Vietnam is a country experiencing an economical boom.
Nevertheless, many Vietnamese families are living in great poverty and can’t succeed in getting ahead by themselves.

To find a sufficiently paying job you must have a good education and training, which a poor family can’t afford.
They lack for food, clothes, a comfortable home, medical care, and above all else, for the financial resources for school fees, school uniforms and school materials.
Most of these children can only enrol for the basic courses.
But in Vietnam you have to pay for several extra courses in which you get the necessary main subject matter.
As soon as the children are old enough to work, they often have to discontinue their education to support their families.
The parents don’t earn enough money, are unfit for work or can only work a reduced amount.
In a few families, there is no father or mother; sometimes even both are missing.

At present, the situation for these families is getting worse dramatically because of the enormous rate of price increases due to the growing economy in the country and global inflation.
The costs of construction, for example, have risen within one year by fifty per cent, and the price of rice has increased by twenty five per cent within only three months.

And don’t forget:
The Dioxin that was used in war is in the earth still today and can still be detected in the food chain, as well as in human bodies.
More than 3 million people suffer as a consequence of the poisonous combination.
In Vietnam, many (far above-average percentages of) children were born with deformities; cancer, nervous- and immune diseases are wide-spread among the populations of some regions.
One of the areas of gravest concern is the former border area between North and South Vietnam, where we are working.

There will be no change for these families - unless they get help and support.