Our sponsorships...

…are aimed at helping Vietnamese children or families personally and improving their conditions of life continuously and permanently by enabling the children to attend schools or colleges.

Special donations are used to improve the living conditions of needy families.

Please look at donation and our Table
for finding out in detail how we use your money.

There are two ways of assuming sponsorships:

1. With a single sponsorship for 22 € per month, you are supporting a needy child living with his/her family or relatives.

2. With a family sponsorship for 33 € per month, you are supporting the needy family as a whole. You will be in writing contact with one of the children of this family or with one of the older members of the family.

You can read more about this in YOU ask – WE answer

We encourage you to

- develop a personal connection by writing letters or E-mails regularly
- send small presents for special occasions or donate money for our associates to buy the gift(s) in Vietnam (best choice & most cost-effective)
- tell about your life, your family and religious or traditional celebrations

We promise to

- translate the post between you and your sponsored child
- personally hand over your letter to the child during the monthly visit
- transmit a report, together with a photo, once a year
- inform you in case of special situations (for example a serious illness) without expecting additional help from you

We ask you to

- be loyal concerning your financial help
- think over thoroughly your decision for such a personal commitment
- inform us as soon as possible if you can’t sponsor the child any longer
- transfer the monthly contribution via standing order

Our suggestion

You are pleased with our work but don’t want a long-term commitment? Then please help with a small donation.
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