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Gemeinsam für Vietnams Kinder e.V.
(Together for Children in Vietnam)

(A registered and governmental approved                                        non-profitorganization in Germany.)

Together with you - our sponsors and contributors - and together with our
partner organization, L.O.V.E. (Love Of Vietnam Expressed), we are working
with the support of personal sponsors for individual children or families.
We also invest specifically earmarked donations to improve the living conditions and prospects for the future of children most affected by the
repercussions of war, illnesses and resulting poverty.

We are working in areas where large stretches of agricultural land have
been poisoned by chemical warfare agents and had to be sealed off as a
consequence, and we are giving priority care to children whose families
can not assure them proper access to schooling and medical care due to
severe illnesses or disabilities.


Both in Vietnam and here in Germany, we work according to the principles
of Christian charity - without proselytizing. Beneficiaries are admitted to
the program solely on the grounds of neediness.

Take a look at our home page - maybe you’d like to help alongside us?

Your team at G4Kids :

Birgit Klupp, Anette Christl-Hannappel, Karin Keller

photoOur project partner, L.O.V.E., is a Christian interdenominational 
organization, which provides services and carries out humanitarian aid projects. 

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Then please help us by making your contribution online by paypal 

or to our Bank account: Gemeinsam für Vietnams Kinder e.V.

IBAN: DE 41 6435 0070 0008 5282 09

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Do you want to support a particular project financially without making a
long term commitment such as a sponsorship?
Maybe you are considering doing so together with your family, colleagues or with your church or other group?

We have made it possible, for instance, to acquire a special hearing aid for a child who is almost deaf,
we have distributed warm winter clothing in two ethnic mountain villages,
contributed towards a life-saving heart operation of a young mother, and have helped in other medical emergencies,
we have arranged for dental treatment for children in rural areas without access to dental care, and we have supported construction work.
Thanks to some general donations after typhoon Nr. 9 we were able to help in emergency cases and to provide warm winter blankets to all sponsored children/families and to all children on the waiting list.


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