YOU ask - We answer

Before you take an interest in assuming a sponsorship, you surely want to inform yourself comprehensively.
Here is a selection of questions that are often asked. In case you don’t find yours, please contact us via email.


1. Who is “G4kids” (Gemeinsam für Vietnams Kinder e.V.)?
We are a registered and fully approved NGO, founded on 1st March 2008 in Germany.
We are authorized to make out certificates of donation which are tax deductable in Germany.
All committee members are working in an honorary capacity.

2. Where is the project’s area?
Our sphere of activity is in and around Danang, (with 800,000 inhabitants, the fourth-largest city of Vietnam), situated on the coast of the South China Sea in Central Vietnam.

3. Who is the partner in Vietnam?
It is the NGO "L.O.V.E (Love of Vietnam Expressed)" in Da Nang.

4. What are your aims?
We arrange and look after sponsorships for needy Vietnamese families so that their children can complete a solid education or training and have a fundamental medical care.
Over and above that we help purposefully in case of emergencies with special donations, if funds will allow us. 

5. Why have you decided on sponsorships?
We are convinced that sponsorships are a great moral support for the children beyond the constant financial care:

    - their sponsor can support them until they have finished their education
    - they become self-confident and happy by the loving, encouraging contact     with their sponsor
    - they feel precious and accepted
    - they have the certainty that there will be assistance for a long time
    - a reliable sponsor can even take the place of a missing family member
    - a growing and increasing connection to the child will help the sponsor to     stay loyal with his financial sponsorship.

6. Who decides which children will be admitted to the program of sponsorship?
It is the task of our project partner L.O.V.E in Danang whose attention is drawn to particularly needy children by the Street Children Program, by churches, schools and social workers.
At first there is an emergency relief – if general donations are available. For helping the children permanently, the neediest are admitted to the program of sponsorship.

7. Who can assume a sponsorship?
Any person of age can assume a sponsorship.

8. What does a sponsorship cost?
You can choose a child (22, 00 € per month), a child+ or a family sponsorship (33, 00 € per month) by which either only one child or also other family members of a needy family can benefit.

9. Is my decision definite?
No, you can change from a single to a family sponsorship at any time.
We reserve the right to arrange for another child of particularly needy families, but we will inform you first.
Of course it goes the other way around as well: You can change from a family to a single sponsorship as soon as it isn’t manageable for you any longer.

10. How is my contribution of sponsorship used?
You can see it in this Table.

11. How are the children looked after in Vietnam?
The children are visited once a month either at home or at school.
The colleagues of L.O.V.E go and see the health of the children and make sure that they go to school regularly.
There is the possibility for the children and the families to call on the office of L.O.V.E at any time if help is needed.

12. Will I have to pay if my sponsored child needs special help?
No, you are not required to give extra assistance. We will inform you in any case if the costs exceed the contribution of the sponsorship.
You can contribute to the expenses but it is sure that there will be some assistance either by the donation of “Gemeinsam für Vietnams Kinder” or by L.O.V.E.

13. Do I take a legal obligation with the sponsorship?
No, you don’t. You can cancel your sponsorship at any time but it isn’t possible to refund already transferred payments due to the tax laws.
Please inform us early so that we can find another sponsor as soon as possible.

14. Can the sponsorship be cancelled by the organization?
If a sponsor doesn’t pay for two consecutive months, or damaged the reputation of the organization, then the sponsorship will be cancelled. It is a decision of the committee of the organization.

15. How long does a sponsorship last?
At best, it will go on until the end of the young person’s education/training. If desired, we can help to preserve the sponsor’s contact with the child/family after the end of the sponsorship. This may be possible if the sponsored child’s English is proper enough and he/she has Internet access or a stable address.

16. When does the sponsorship start?
It is your decision: You can begin with your payment in the current month or to the 1st of the next month.
The child will not be informed until the first payment arrives at our account.
After that you can write your first letter.   

17. How and when do I pay?
We make the request to open a standing order at the first of every month so that the payments will arrive on time and can be transferred completely and quickly to Vietnam. You can also pay sponsorship pledges quarterly halfyearly or yearly in advance to this account:

Gemeinsam für Vietnams Kinder e.V.
Kreissparkasse Tuttlingen

IBAN: DE 41 6435 0070 0008 5282 09

18. When does the child hear about me?
While the children are visited in their area every four weeks they will hear about the sponsorship on the next meeting provided that the first payment has arrived. In case there is already a letter from you in the office it will be handed over, too.

19. Do I have to write to my sponsored child?
We don’t compel you to do so but we make the request for assuming a personal sponsorship only if you are really interested in writing.
It would be a great pity if the child had to do without a personal connection. For supporting our project in another way please look here.

20. How often should I write?

It would be nice if you wrote on the birthday, the Tet celebration, and at least every 2 - 3 months.
With just a simple postcard you can make the children happy.
The life of our supported families is mostly dominated by work, financial worries and illness. That is why there is not enough or no time for the interests and the needs of the children.
Please use your chance! It will enrich also your everyday life enormously.

If you feel unsure what or how to write, please contact us, we will surely help you. We receive a monthly list of received letters and will inform you by e-mail when your mail has arrived. 

21. Will I get an answer from my sponsored child?
We know by experience that the children like very much coming in contact with their sponsors and answer their mail with great pleasure.
Often a letter is already finished before the next monthly visit, because the children are interested in everything concerning the new “relationship”.
It will take 8-10 days at least, until you can print the scan of the original letter with added translation.
As all over the world, there are children who don’t have any difficulties to write and others who have. So please don’t expect too much!
Feel assured that you always make your sponsored children happy with your letters, cards and family photos.

22. In which language do I write my letters?
You can write in English or in Vietnamese directly to Vietnam (or in German, English or Vietnamese via
If you wish we will correct your mistakes of grammar, but we don’t make changes to the contents.

23. Who translates my letters?
The letters will be translated in Germany by a volunteer into English and in Danang by a colleague of L.O.V.E into Vietnamese.
The translators will be grateful for legible hand- or computer-writing.

24. Where do I send my letters?
Letters written in English or Vietnamese can be sent directly to Vietnam by you. We also offer to forward them by e-mail.
When assuming a sponsorship you get the child’s biodata and some information by e-mail. We ask you to print it, to help us save postage.
For any questions please contact us or inform yourself at the website.

25. Is it possible to send letters per E-mail?
Yes, of course, you can do it. Just send your E-mail to our organization and we will forward it directly to Vietnam. Your letters (preferably attached as word-document may even contain photos or decorations) Just get creative!
So your letter will reach your sponsored child very soon and it is an excellent and a low-cost possibility for you.
But if you like sending paper photos it is better to send by postal mail because you can print only black and white in Vietnam.

26. Can I send some presents?
Yes, in principle you can.
Please send simple things like pencils, hairclips, T-Shirts etc., nothing of value, no electrical devices, fluids etc.
If you are unsure what to send please contact us!
In case of customs we will ask you for refunding.

27. Can I order to buy a present in Vietnam?
Yes, you can. It is an inexpensive option to sending packages and parcels whose postage is very high.
You can be sure, there will be bought very suitable and proper things by your donation. Normally a photo will be taken and forwarded to you.  

28. In which way will I get the answers of my sponsored child?
You get the post per E-mail with the translation and a scan of the original letter which you will receive later together with the annual report.

29. What happens if my sponsored child has drawn or done handicrafts for me?
First of all you will get a copy or a photo by E-mail. The originals are sent from Vietnam to Germany by post once a year.
We use this process with greeting cards as well.
If there is a little parcel for you we will ask you to refund the postal/custom fees.

30. Can I write something about my religion in the letters?
Yes, of course you can inform your child and the family about your religion, but please respect the fact that they are possibly members of a different one.

31. Do I receive further information about my sponsored child apart from the letters?
After visits from a committee member in Vietnam you will get a short report per internet as well as links to relevant photos which you can order by yourself.
Also, there are annual reports and photos from the handing over of special donations and presents, either of the child or a family member.

32. Do I receive the photos printed on paper?
You'll get a photo with the annual update. For reducing the expenses we send all other photos by E-mails. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee a top quality.

33. Is there the possibility of supporting the child and the family for more than the sponsorship fee?

Yes, you are welcome to send extra donations.You tell us the amount that you put at disposal and we find out how to help the family expediently.
Our list of proposals gives you examples of prices in Vietnam.

But: Special donations are absolutely optional. Neither the families nor the organization have any expectations.

34. Will I get a certification about my special donation?
Yes, you will. All arriving payments and donations are tax deductable and will be acknowledged in the beginning of a year.

35. Are there also other sponsors for my child?
No, you are the only sponsor.
We always arrange that one child has one sponsor.

36. Can I support more than one child?
Yes, you can sponsor up to three children.

37. Can I visit my sponsored child in Vietnam?
Yes, you can. We would be pleased to arrange a meeting with your child during a visit to Vietnam.
But please wait till you are the sponsor of the child one full year.
And please inform us at least 8 weeks before because unannounced visits are not possible.

38. What about a visit of my sponsored child in Europe?
This isn’t part of our sponsor program.

39. Can I get in touch directly with the organisation in Vietnam?
Please turn to us with questions, requests or matters, because it is we who are responsible for all sponsors living in Europe. We will handle it and pass the answer or reaction from Vietnam to you.
For consistent management, we have arranged this method with our project partner by contract.
Every direct approach will be sent to us immediately by our project partner.

40. How can I become acquainted with other sponsors of “G4Kids”?
We operate an Internet-Forum for sponsors in German language.
There sponsors can connect with other sponsors, hear more about news of the project area, and so on.

Are questions still unanswered? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

We are pleased with your interest: